Politics Criticise Us, We Have Done Many Things Wrongly - APC Chieftain



A member of the Board of Trustee (BoT) of the All Progressives Congress, Alhaji Ismaila Ahmed has said the APC-led government is open to criticisms, and says Nigerians are entitled to constructively criticism of the Federal Government.

Ahmed said this in Abuja Sunday at an interactive session organised by Citizens Support for Good Governance (CSGG) in Nigeria. CSGG is a coalition of Non Governmental Organisations and Civil Society Organisations in the country.

“As government, we have to be open to criticism, some people are not happy and they have to express their frustration, people have to express their anger.

“We cannot and should not have problem with that, we have done many things right and we also have so many things we have done wrong; there is no doubt about that.

“But the things we have done right, we will continue to strengthen them, those we have done wrongly please tell us.

“What we can do, we will do, where we make mistakes we will admit, but the essence of governance is to ensure the welfare of the people.”

He advised Nigerians to feel free to ask questions on what they felt were wrong with government, adding that every issue raised would be addressed in the interest of all.

Ahmed, however, said that the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari had done a lot that should be celebrated.

According to him, the government is fixing the system and the various institutions in the country to enable it tackle the menace of corruption effectively and deliver on its campaign promises.

To this end, the APC-led Federal Government was working to earn the trust and confidence of Nigerians, Ahmed said.


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