Ewedu Cure for Ebola was Revealed by God - LUTH Professor



Prof. Adebukunola O. Adefule Ositelu, a consultant ophthalmologist at the College of Medicine University of Lagos (CMUL) and at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) in an interview has revealed how she got about the ewedu cure for the deadly #Ebola virus.

"Some group went into prayers; a particular one went into reservation to pray and after praying and pleading with God, something was released: that it is true it is a virus and at the same time, something simple can be released to us because we have everything, the only thing is that we don’t make use of them. We don’t care when we discover things; people don’t take it seriously, we look down on ourselves so much, we don’t value what we have.

"This was the thing that was released; that as simple as it is, it is potent enough to give resistance and immunity to the cells of the body against the virus.

"And the remedy is: take enough quantity of Ewedu, rinse and was it with liquid vinegar, then you blend it and cook with only drinkable water for five minutes. First thing in the morning, freshly made, just take 25cl of the herb in an empty stomach once a week for prevention as long as they still say there is Ebola in Nigeria. For cure, you take it daily for five to seven days.

"This was revealed by God to His people at a reservation after prayers, if you want, you take it, if you don’t want, you reject it. There is no cause for argument; the wisdom of God is more than any other person’s. He is the one who created all these things and He can reveal it to us as He wants. It’s a grace which I think everyone should embrace. Ewedu is what we all eat, but the way they told us to prepare it is very different from what we’ve been doing before because we use it as delicacy. But this time around, it is used as medicine, for prevention and cure.

" This confirms that the wisdom of man is foolishness before God and He only grants knowledge when He desires so to do for the benefit of mankind, whereas many believes that it is their ingenuity that grants them fame- this is underserved accord." Guardian quoted her ad saying.

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