World Ex-President Yahaya Jammeh in Trouble After Stealing $50m



Former Gambian President Yahaya Jammeh has landed in trouble after it was discovered that he stole $50m before he left the country in January.

The amount was initially suggested to be more than $11m (£8.8m) by Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty then an aide to new President Adam Barrow.

But on Monday, Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou said that Mr Jammeh had withdrawn $50m between 2006 and 2016. According to him, Jammeh withdrew the money via a state telecoms company.

Following this discovery, a court has ordered all his remaining assets in The Gambia to be frozen. This includes 88 accounts and 14 companies linked in some way to Mr Jammeh – amounting to all his “known assets” remaining in The Gambia.

It has also been reported livestock, cars and properties have been seized. Three of his cousins have been arrested after selling his cattle.

Mr Tambadou said the discoveries were “just a tip of the iceberg”.


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