Sports Gary Neville confident Ronaldo will return to Manchester United

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville has expressed his confidence that Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Old Trafford.

Ronaldo left Manchester United for a then club record fee of £80million,joining the Spanish giants in the summer of 2009.

There have been rumours that the Portuguese captain is unhappy at Real Madrid, particularly irked by the club's transfer dealings.

And Neville has claimed that Manchester United's recent spending spree could spur Ronaldo to return to the club.

"You'd have to say that with what they've done with Di Maria and Falcao it's more possible, it has to be, because they've shown the real intent to go and sign world-class players," Neville said on Sky Sports ' 'Monday Night Football'.

"We sat here three or four months ago deliberating over whether Manchester United could attract world-class talent. They've absolutely smashed that question out of the water and if they get him."

"There was talk last summer that it was either going to be Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale and there are rumours of Cristiano not being happy in Madrid.

"Obviously last year they won the Champions League, so has he achieved what he wanted to achieve in Madrid? Has he done what he set out to do? That's question one.

"Does he love Manchester? Does he love United? Yes, absolutely. He has talked more and more in the last 12 to 18 months about how he misses Old Trafford.

"The reception he got there and the way the fans reacted towards him, I've not seen that for many players. Eric Cantona and him were incredible reactions from the fans every single week.

"It was almost like an incredible belief in the stadium every time he played."


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