Sports GEJ FC : New football club named after President Goodluck Jonathan

A new football club has been formed under the name of President Goodluck Jonathan and will be called GEJ FC.

Named after the initials of the Nigerian president,GEJ FC is expected to start competing in the Nigeria Nationwide League(NNL) with the intention of gaining promotion into the top flight Nigeria Professional Football League(NPFL).

While speaking to journalists about the reasoning behind registering a football club,proprietor of the club Chukwuemeka Kanu said that the idea of GEJ FC was borne after some supporters of President Jonathan,decided to show appreciation for his development of sports in Nigeria.

Players from all across Nigeria have been drafted to pioneer the early stages of the club,that will commence operations from next season.

“We are determined to guide the GEJ FC to the elite division as soon as we start from the nationwide league season of 2014/2015. Already the team is registered with the NFF and for a start we are going to have 25 players who will be the pioneer players and I want to assure you that this team will measure up against any other of its kind anywhere in the world” Kanu added.

He however didn't state where they will source funds for the daily running of the club,whether they will get any help from the Presidency.

GEJ FC will be based in Abuja,the capital of Nigeria.


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