Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen has vowed that it would be impossible for anybody to cow and pocket the judiciary under his watch.

In response to series of questions on the Senate’s concerns on judicial absurdities, particularly conflicting judgement, he said: ”Conflicting judgement are bound to happen because the processes are different and the lawyers can adopt any of the choices and the system of Nigeria Judiciary has a way of regulating itself.”

While acknowledging the pressure being put on the judiciary by politicians, he said the moment Nigeria Judiciary was politicized, they will not be justice for anybody, noting that he remains the same person and would not allow the system to be pocketed


He urged litigants to do thorough investigation of cases before approaching the courts so as to enhance adjudication, adding that they were still Judicial officers who have impeccable characters in the system.

Senate Committee Chairman on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters, Senator David Umaru sought to know if he will be courageous enough to maintain his stand in the light of lead judgement between Amaechi and INEC in 2005, which led to the arrest of some top judiciary officers.

Responding, Onnoghen opined that he will strengthen the Independence of the judiciary in order to shore up public confidence, particularly as the last hope of the common people.

“Under my watch, the independence of the judiciary will be strengthened because the sector is the last hope of everyman and justice is divine”, he stated.


It is the new CJN's performance In the end that will prove if he actually broke the jinx in good way unlike the first president Nigeria had from the minority.
So we've been getting stellar performance from Northern CJNs?