Money How to Be Supportive of Your Spouse When They Watch Football


Picture the scene – football season is here, and you’re panicking as your football-loving spouse will need support to enjoy the games and follow his favorite team.

You don’t know how to support them either because you don’t love football as much as he does or you fear being ignored every time a match is on. So, how can you offer your support without crowding your spouse?

Here, we examine some valuable tips (provided by our friends at gclub) to help you support and bond with your spouse during the busy football season.

4 Ways to Support Your Spouse During the Football Season

Learn the Basics of the Beautiful Game

The first thing you should do as a supportive spouse of a football fan is learn more about the game. Doing so will help you immerse yourself in the game instead of leaving you watching it from the sidelines.

Your spouse will also appreciate the effort you’re putting into learning more about something they care about. You’ll find that with some knowledge of the game rules or even just player information and stats, the latest news, and other related information, it will make watching live football more enjoyable for both of you.

Support the Other Team (for Fun!)

Why not turn a football match into a bit of friendly competition? For instance, if your spouse is supporting Man U against Chelsea, why not place a friendly bet on Chelsea winning? A little bit of friendly rivalry hurts no one and may even bring the two of you closer together.

Just make sure that your significant other is a good sport in case their team loses.

Plan Separate Time Together

Another tip you could try to ensure that none of you ends up frustrated during football season is to plan intimate couple times on those days that there are no football matches.

Why not plan to have an intimate dinner or see a movie on these free days? This way, if you don’t feel like watching a game on match day, you can go out with your friends without feeling guilty that you're not giving your spouse the attention they need.

The important thing is to plan your time well to avoid unforeseen events or schedule clashes.

Make Match Day a Family Affair

If you have children, one of the easiest ways to avoid a clash on match day is to involve the family. Let the children lead the way and ensure that you teach them about the game to get them interested.

You can even purchase children’s football kits for the teams they support and have them wear them on match day. If going to a stadium near you to watch a game is safe, you could take your kids along and make an outing out of it.


We hope you enjoyed reading these tips on how to support your spouse as they enjoy the football season. These tips should work whether you love the game or not.

The most important thing is that your spouse enjoys their favorite sport without leaving you or them frustrated, ignored, and unfulfilled.