Iconic Nigerian Flag Designer Taiwo Akinkunmi Passes Away


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The passing of Taiwo Akinkunmi, the visionary behind the Nigerian flag's design, has been announced. Akinkunmi's death was revealed by his child, Akinkunmi Akinwumi, through a Facebook post on Wednesday. In his heartfelt message, Akinwumi noted the transient nature of life and acknowledged his father's legacy. He wrote, "Life is indeed transient; I can say boldly that you live a life with a landmark. Continue to rest, my father! Pa Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi (O.F.R.): Great Man has gone."

The designer of the Nigerian flag is reported to have passed away in the early hours of Tuesday, following a short period of illness. Akinkunmi's contribution to Nigeria's history and identity remains imprinted in the iconic flag that symbolizes the nation. His passing serves as a moment to reflect on his enduring impact on Nigeria's cultural heritage