Metro If You’re Not Supporting Nigeria in the World Cup, You’re Basically a Horrible Person


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There’s more to football than tiki taka, guys. In fact, do you know that a professor (his name is Dean Karlan) has devised a utilitarian guide to the world cup? Do you remember the utilitarian theory from economics? Well, this professor says, for the World Cup, you should “root for the outcome that will produce the largest aggregate increase in happiness.”

What outcome should you root for to get the largest aggregate increase in happiness? Vox news says you should support the country considering the following attributes:

1. How much the country cares about soccer

2. How poor it is, and

3. How populous the nation is.

The next step is to find out which country is deserving of your world cup based on these parameters. Karlan’s guide uses Google searches to find out which country is most passionate about football. However, of course, we need to remember that bandwidth/internet access across countries differ, and USA might appear to be (falsely, perhaps) more soccer-active online than a third world country with epileptic internet connectivity.

In spite of that, mercifully, Nigeria still makes it. This is from Vox, not us: “Nigeria deserves your support because they're so much poorer, and so much more soccer obsessed, than any other country that comes even close to them in population.”

Karlan himself says: “"Simply put, the Nigerians have a lot of very passionate, low-income people who are ready to celebrate Nigerian success. Nigeria finishes with a far higher score than any other country."

So, basically, if you are a humanitarian looking for the world cup outcome that makes the most people happy, you should be #TeamNigeria.