Sports The logistical issues of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.


The 2002 FIFA World Cup was a revolutionary tournament for a number of reasons.

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For the first time ever, two countries organized the tournament. This also resulted in an unusually large number of host cities and stadiums being used. There were a staggering 20 venues used for the championship. By visiting the 1xBet platform, punters can also wager on matches played in the best football stadiums in the entire world.

By contrast, the 2018 FIFA World Cup had 12 stadiums, and the 2022 tournament had just eight. This is even more impressive considering that all the aforementioned tournaments had the exact same format and number of teams and matches.


The origins of the problems

Japan and South Korea were announced as hosts of the World Cup in 1996. A great reason to try 1xBet iOS is that you can also use this platform to wager on football matches played in these two countries as well.

However, perhaps what not many people know were the problems in choosing a host country in the first place. Three countries submitted their bids, which were:
● Japan;
● South Korea;
● and Mexico.

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FIFA was so divided about the issue that a settlement was reached. Or Japan and South Korea agreed to jointly organize the tournament, or the FIFA World Cup would go somewhere else. Both nations reluctantly agreed to cooperate.

Big quantities of everything

This compromise is the reason why this tournament was “bigger” in terms of stadiums and host cities. At you can also wager on excellent virtual competitions from many disciplines.

Each country contributed with 10 host cities for the tournament. This meant that the teams needed to constantly travel between different cities in order to play different matches. This was also difficult for fans. In the 2002 FIFA World Cup, as it happens in any other edition of the tournament, plenty of fans wanted to follow their teams everywhere. Because of the constant trips required, this made traveling to this tournament significantly more expensive for supporters. If you support a particular team, you can visit 1xBet and win with it too.

As it can be seen, in simple terms all these problems came from the fact that both host nations of the World Cup initially wanted a completely separate tournament.