World Indian Plane Nosedives 1500m As Pilot 'Sleeps'


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Both pilot and co-pilot have been suspended after their plane dived mid-air over Turkey.

India's civil aviation regulator has ordered Jet Airways to suspend two pilots after a flight to Brussels dived 1,500 metres, forcing air traffic controllers to issue an emergency warning.

The Times of India said the captain was on a scheduled rest break when the plane dropped over Turkey, putting it at an altitude assigned to another aircraft last Friday.

Air traffic controllers in Ankara had to issue an emergency warning to the co-pilot on duty, who the paper said "did not notice that the aircraft had lost altitude" because she was using her tablet computer at the time.

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday said it had summoned the captain and co-pilot for questioning over what it called a "serious incident" during the flight from Mumbai to Brussels while it was reportedly carrying 280 passengers.

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Source: #Aljazeera


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