Metro Interview With Native Doctors: Why Our BulletProof Charms Fail Sometimes


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Recently, the news channels were agog with the story of a bricklayer who got killed while 'testing' his bulletproof charms.

YNaija spoke with two native doctors to find out what they think about talismans and their potency based on their experience in the practice.

One of them named Yemi says in vernacular, “Talismans work, but some people don’t use it in the prescribed way. It’s like using a medicine without following the instructions.

“When we make a talisman for a patron, we tell them how to use it. But when the patron doesn’t follow, they don’t get the desired result.”

“There is usually one or more conditions for using the charm. If you don’t observe the precaution, it would lose its potency. For example, they may be told not to drink alcohol or eat a certain food. But some people fail to observe the condition. They may have forgotten, because somehow the forbidden thing or act will continue to fall in their way. So when they break the condition, they become vulnerable. That was how one ‘strong’ man in this community was tricked and killed. The plotters learned the condition that kept his talisman effective, and they tricked him to break it unknowingly. Then they killed him.”

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