Kenya ICC Cases Proof That The Law Is An Ass - the STAR



‘The law is an Ass’ is an expression from the English (not the Americans) depicting how the law can sometimes be as obstinate and as stupid as the donkey. Nothing explains this better than how the International Criminal Court cases against Deputy President William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta have rolled out.

Sample this.

In the case against William Ruto the ICC Prosecutor has had to use force to get witnesses she herself procured, to attend court. They have then gone ahead and completely embarrassed her by recanting their earlier testimonies which they admit they were paid by her office to provide. They have done this in open court. However rather than demand their prosecution for perjury, the Prosecutor insists that they be considered hostile witnesses!

In the case against Uhuru Kenyatta the Prosecutor has stated on several occasions that she does not have enough evidence to sustain the case. However rather than ask for it to be terminated she wants more time to gather evidence. No one is asking her what will happen if the new evidence she gets points fingers at someone else. No one is reminding her that her predecessor insisted that their office ‘follows the evidence’. As far as she is concerned Uhuru Kenyatta is guilty. All that she needs is the evidence to prove it. If she cannot get it, she will manufacture some!

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