Sports Keshi no longer good enough for the Super Eagles - Akpoborie

Former Super Eagles player Jonathan Akpoborie believes that Stephen Keshi is no longer good enough for the national team.

Nigeria have been struggling in the 2015 African Nations Cup qualifiers,and have been able to get just a point after two matches.

Akpoborie argued that Keshi no longer has something new to offer the Super Eagles and believes that he is only sticking with Nigeria because he had limited options.

“The decision to retain Keshi as coach was based on sentiment. When you make vital decisions on sentiment, you lose. Keshi may have led Nigeria to win the AFCON but a coach is as good as his last game. Keshi’s last games were nothing to be proud of,” Akpoborie told The Punch.

“There were coaches who won the UEFA Champions League or were impressive at the World Cup that were fired after their teams’ poor performances at later competitions.

“I’m not saying we should get rid of Keshi right away, because we don’t have an immediate replacement, but the NFF should have put their acts together in moving the team forward.”

Akpoborie also pointed to the fact that some of the players Keshi selects for the national team are done with sentiments.

“While he is demanding big contracts from the NFF, the team has failed to improve on their standard right from when he took over. I’ve not seen any improvement in the team.

“The selection of players is controlled by sentiment which should not be so. The coach should be able to control himself when sentiment beclouds his judgement during selection. Any player who is a Nigerian and have the quality to be in the team should be invited to play.

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