Money Livescore score of the Champions League matches


The Champions League is a tournament of the best teams in Europe, watched by millions of fans around the world. Its livescore score on the statistics site attracts a lot of attention, too, because here fans can find all the necessary data about different games using any gadget for that. This is useful not only for football fans but also for bettors who make money on bets.

This season, the playoffs of the Champions League gathered some of the best teams, so there are no weak clubs in the 1/8 finals. The most interesting confrontations are:
  1. Barcelona-PSG. An exciting match, which, even considering the poor form of the Catalans, must be played at a high level. The Parisians have a grudge against Barcelona for an incredible comeback - 1: 6 - so they will do their best, especially since now they have the strongest lineup.
  2. Atletico-Chelsea. The Mattress-Makers confidently play in La Liga, which cannot be said about the Aristocrats, who, unexpectedly for everyone, have lost many points in the Premier League.
  3. RB Leipzig-Liverpool. The English team looks strong in this confrontation. However, you shouldn't write RB Leipzig off, because this team is well played and has a good lineup.
Equally, exciting will be the matches between Atalanta and Real Madrid, as well as Lazio against Bayern Munich. Also, pay attention to the scores of the Borussia M - Manchester City match on livescore sites. The British have higher chances, but their performance is still far from perfect.

The best Champions League scores of the group stage​

This season, no one doubted the success of the top clubs. Bayern significantly stood out against others. The first among the most interesting and sensational Champions League scores was the victory of Shakhtar Donetsk over Real Madrid in Spain. After the first half of the game, the score was 3:0 in favour of the Ukrainians, which shocked many fans of the Royal Club. In the home game, Shakhtar didn’t give Real Madrid a chance at all and won 2:0.


RB Leipzig had similar achievements, and thanks to victories over Manchester United and PSG the club got a ticket to the playoffs. Fans have been surprised by the scores of the Champions League game of Lokomotiv Moscow and Atlético Madrid. The Mattress Makers couldn’t beat their rivals, but they still passed the group stage. Atalanta showed a good level of performance, while Manchester United disappointed its supporters. The rest of the cases were expected: the best teams proceeded to the playoffs, at least based on the results of the group stage.