Business Nigeria Green Bonds: 7 Things You Should Know About The First Sovereign Issuance



President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government is finalising arrangements to issue the nation’s first Green Bond in the first quarter of this year.

The outgoing Minister of Environment, Mrs. Amina Mohammed said the Lagos Event tagged: "Green Bonds, Investing in Nigeria's Sustainable Development" is a concrete step in the process of developing and issuing our 2017 sovereign green bonds program

Nigeria's green bond is the first of its kind and will be the first sovereign issuance by an African nation.

1. Green bonds enable capital-raising and investment for new and existing projects with environmental benefits.

2. The Sovereign Green Bonds project is part of a strategic process by the federal government to add to the nation’s funding options to stimulate the rebound of the economy and offer the vast majority of Nigerians a new alternative.

3. There are indications that stock exchange in UK, China are ready to invest with the Green bond.

4. The Federal Government will commence the issuance of its first sovereign green bond in April 2017

Green Bond Osinbajo.jpg
Osinbajo at the #GreenBondNG conference in Lagos

5. The Bond will be used to fund a range of climate-related initiatives including mass transit, land re-afforestation, remediation and solar projects. It is also considering issuing international bonds by December 2017.

6. The Sovereign Green Bonds project is part of a strategic process by the Federal Government to widen the nation’s funding options to catalyse economic rebound and offer the vast majority of Nigerians vibrant funding new alternative.

7. The green bonds issuance will be the first stage to enable Nigerians tap into the growing global market for green bonds, which as of end of 2016 comprised $576 billion of unlabelled climate-aligned bonds and $118 billion of labelled green bonds, in line with Climate Bonds Initiative in London.