Politics Seized $9.3million Arms Money Has Made Nigeria a Laughing Stock -Fashola



Lagos state Governor, Babatunde Fashola on Thursday said that he $9.3 million arms money seized by the South African government has made Nigeria an International laughing stock.

According to LEADERSHIP, speaking at the 2014 Gani Fawehinmi memorial colloquium held at the University of Lagos, Yaba, Fashola said, "The issue has made us mere stuff worldwide, and this happened because of the value choices that we have made. Let us stop pointing fingers at those people; you all voted for them. They are representatives of the values we have chosen to live with.

"Will Gani have stood by and watch without demanding an explanation on how the money was spent, and how N2 trillion was spent on oil subsidy without appropriation? Also, how will he have reacted to the stories of the disappearance of the $20 billion or $49 billion depending on what side you believe?”

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