Politics Senate Rejection: Ibrahim Magu Slams DSS Report



Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, on Wednesday slammed the DSS report which the senate acted on to reject his nomination as head of the anti graft agency.

“This paper (report he was holding) is the same paper (Melaye read). I have read it. There were two reports of such submitted to this office the same day and there were two of such reports submitted by the same law enforcement agency; two different reports submitted the same day about the same people. That goes to tell you the credibility of such an institution.

“I have respect for everybody in this hall (chamber) and I have senior brothers in this hall. Elder Gemade, please, what does it mean if an institution can submit two varying reports on the same person on the same day. Dino is my friend and we were fighting corruption together until he came to this house here and abandoned us. I have to be open.

“On the case with the stolen C of Os, it is not everything that is done in the EFCC that I have knowledge of. The EFCC is too big. Believe you me, if not now, I didn’t know there was a case pending against EFCC staff in police station. I will now go back and investigate it and give you feedback after my investigation.

“My relationship with Air Commodore Umar Mohammed (retd.); I didn’t know him from Adam until we were appointed as members of the armed forces investigation panel; that was the first time I knew Umar Mohammed. The house I am staying actually belonged to the late (former Minister of Information) Dora Akunyili. After her burial, her son, who was staying in the US, was looking for money. That was how the house was got. It was rented. They call it ‘safe house.’


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