Senegal, Rwanda Report First Suspected Ebola Case



Agnes Binagwaho, Rwanda Health Minister, on Monday in Kigali said that the country had recorded first suspected Ebola case.

She said the suspect, a German student with Ebola-like symptoms, who had recently spent time in Liberia, has been quarantined.

Binagwaho said his blood samples had been sent to "an international, accredited laboratory for further analysis.’’

She said the patient, who had fever and malaria, was in quarantine at King Faisal Hospital in Kigali, for "100 per cent security.’’

Also, the Senegalese Government reported its first suspected Ebola case, in the nation's north - a 27-year old Malian.

Liberian government also reported on Monday in Monrovia the death of two more health workers.

Government officials said Chantal Pascaline, a Congolese citizen, died at the San Jose Hospital in Monrovia, where she had been working with Spanish priest Miguel Pajares, who also fell ill and now being treated in Madrid.

Also, a Liberian nurse, Laurene Togba, died on Saturday at Monrovia's Catholic Hospital.

World Health Organisation (WHO), said more than 1,700 Ebola cases and more than 960 deaths, had been reported so far.

A spokeswoman of WHO said in Geneva that panels of ethicist are discussing the possible use of experimental-stage Ebola medication and develop guidance for WHO.

She said after the consultations on Monday, WHO plans to make the experts' report and its own position public on Tuesday.

The recent use of non-approved Ebola medication has raised the question of whether it should be distributed more widely, despite a lack of testing - and who should receive the drugs, WHO said.

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