Sports The ancient Youdan Cup


Sometimes people claim that the English FA Cup is the oldest football competition. This is a thrilling championship in which wagering through can be a great idea. However, a more accurate statement would be to say that this is the oldest active football competition. This is because a few years after the establishment of this competition, there was another tournament also organized in England.

The championship in question is the Youdan Cup. Its only edition was played in 1867, which was four years before the first edition of the FA Cup. Its name is attributed to Thomas Youdan, who was an English businessman who came up with the idea of organizing the championship. He also donated the cup that was lifted by its winner. The 1xBet online bookmaker has the best football competitions from England and the rest of the world.

Different rules

During those years, a unified football set of rules still didn’t exist. The Sheffield Rules was one of the most popular codes of the sport in the second half of the 19th century. In its simplest form, it can be described as a mixture of modern football and American football. The excellent live bet Kenya available on 1xBet can be used to wager on all kinds of football matches being played all over the world.

Also, the actual rules that would be used for the tournament and its matches were agreed only a few weeks before it started. Some of the most notable points were:

● each team would feature 12 players;
● the matches would have a duration of 90 minutes;
● in case of a draw, there would 60 minutes of extra time;
● that extra time would be similar to a Golden Goal, where any goal scored would end the match immediately;
● finally, in case no goal was scored in this extra time, the match would be replayed at a later date.

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Very few goals

It would not be completely accurate to compare modern football to the sport played in the Youdan Cup. However, it is still quite remarkable that the tournament had an average of less than one goal per game. In total, in 13 contests played during the competition, only 10 goals were scored. You can try 1xBet iPhone app and use it whenever a team is likely to score a goal.

The final match of the competition was played on the 5th of March 1867. The contest, and therefore the tournament, was won by Hallam, who allegedly won 1-0. However, there is no clear information about who was the goalscorer.

Curiously, the final match was not actually the last match of the competition. Four days later, there was a second place play-off where Norfolk defeated Mackenzie 1-0. Punters can try the 1xBet app for iPhone, which features great wagers on English football.