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It was Shehu Sani, President of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria, who wrote a most significant letter on May 20, 2014, urging the Sultan of Sokoto to spearhead the search for the Chibok girls. Five days later, the Sultan, Sa’ad Abubakar III, took up the gauntlet and told a congregation of Muslims at the National Mosque, Abuja: “Terrorism has no place in Islam… we must rise up, as always, with one voice to condemn all acts of terrorism, condemn those terrorists wherever they are and try our possible best as Muslims to ensure peace reigns in our community.”

“The insurgents have consistently justified all their actions on religious (Islamic) ground,” Sani had argued, adding that the Sultan, as the supreme head of all Muslims in Nigeria, ought to demonstrate “a moral duty and a spiritual responsibility to be visibly and actively involved in seeking the resolution of this impasse…”

The Sultan then pledged to help the government at all levels to bring peace in Nigeria. “Whatever we can do, as long as it is not against Islam, we are ready to do it 100 per cent,” he declared. But much as he would work for peace, “Muslims want and also demand to be treated with equality, with justice, with fairness and, Inshallah, (God willing) things will turn around.”

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