Entertainment Tiwa Savage Allegedly Moves Out of Matrimonial Home After Husband, Tee Billz Beat Her?

The end of the marital crisis between beautiful singer Tiwa Savage and her husband, Tee Billz (born Tunji Balogun) is nowhere in sight as the singer has reportedly moved out of her matrimonial home and presently rides on the edge of calling it quits with her husband and seeking a divorce.

Just a few days ago, we reported the strained relationship between both Tiwa Savage and her husband but as it stands, things appear to be going out of hand as we gathered that unable to tolerate Tee Billz's habit of allegedly hitting/beating her coupled with allegations of infidelity, Tiwa Savage considered that the last straw and moved out.

Both Tiwa Savage and her husband continue to drop strong pointers that all is not well with their relationship as made manifest in Tiwa Savage not wishing her husband a happy birthday until mid-day, Tee Billz not mentioning Tiwa Savage in his own birthday message to himself.

"Tiwa Savage and Tunji Balogun are indeed having issues and family members are trying to talk them into not separating. The truth is Tunji hits Tiwa sometimes. He’s been hitting her even before they got married but she went ahead to marry him... We all know he gets angry at slightest provocation. She probably married him out of fear, or out of pity for helping her to attain the status she has reached today. That was what happened to his first relationship too...," a source recently told YNaija.

Another source revealed that alleged that Tee Billz has been cheating on Tiwa Savage for a while now; even as recently as 4 weeks ago. "He cheats on her... The last act weeks ago, got her angry, and after confronting him, she was ready to leave the house but she has been pacified by relatives to hang on and not leave.”
The fact that the couple no longer engage in public display of affection as they usually do further fuels the growing rumours of an impending separation/divorce.

On a percentage basis, what are the chances of this ending well out of 100? 100 being the perfect reunion

Source: YNaija

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