Wet Smartphones: See Easy Way To Dry Your Smartphone



So your phone slipped from your grip and dropped into the sink , puddle or worst still the toilet...You do not have to lose hope over your phone or worse still use an heating equipment on the phone which will definitely damage it the more. There is a very easy and d0-it-yourself trick you can use to salvage your smartphone.


You know how you put a tiny cup of rice in a saucepan full of water and before you know it you have enough to feed the 5,000? That's because rice is amazing at sucking up water. Grab a bowl full of rice, place your wet smartphone deep in it and leave it for about two days.

Only when the time is up should you attempt to switch on your hopefully dry phone. If it doesn't work, stick it back in the rice and try again the following day. On the third or fourth unsuccessful attempt you should begin to consider noting the time of death.

Good luck!!!