Money What World Famous Sports Bettors Say About Being Successful


There are a few brave souls who have managed to make a largely fruitful and profitable career while competing in the sports betting arena. These people started with a strong desire and passion for sports and decided to take this passion and make it lucrative for themselves.

Sports betting is an exciting pastime for many of the people on this list. Whether it’s the pure excitement and anticipation that it adds to watching your favourite sports or whether it’s the time spent strategizing how to make a healthy profit – there is a lot to like about betting on sports.

What is important to note is that the people on this list are famous and successful sports bettors. The tips that they provide will simply improve your chances in the sports betting arena.

These are the people that you want to listen to as their strategies have proven successful over their years in the game. Learning from the best is always a great recipe for your own personal success.

Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom is perhaps most well known for being the owner of Starlizard – a UK-based betting syndicate but Bloom himself is also well known for his sharp betting strategies. It is speculated that Bloom once earned as much as £1 million staked from a single match of football.

The one tip that Bloom states helped him in his early sports betting career was “learning the lingo”. What this means is that when you start sports betting there are a lot of technical terms such as over-under, bookies, arbitrage, and wager to name a few.

To be successful you first need to know what these terms mean and how to use them to your advantage at sites like play live casino.

Bill Benter

Bill Benter is undoubtedly one of the most successful people in sports betting history. He has single-handedly proven that a career in sports betting can be healthy and profitable if done correctly. It is estimated that Benter makes $100 million annually through his betting exploits.

But what makes Benter even more admirable is the fact that he is a philanthropist who makes considerable donations to political and charitable causes.

Benter’s one and only tip in both sports betting and in life is to not get discouraged when things are not going your way. Both in life and in sports betting there are some things that are simply left to chance. Just because something doesn’t go your way today doesn’t mean it won’t go your way tomorrow. Try, and try again.

Marco D’Angelo

D’Angelo is currently on one of the longest baseball betting streaks in recorded history. He has currently won in 25 consecutive games, rising him to betting world fame and proving that with a good strategy consistent winnings are almost a guarantee.

His one tip is to understand the concept of value in bets. Don’t go for ridiculous bets where there are ones that can guarantee good returns with good odds.