Politics Why I am Against Plea Bargain —Buhari



Senator Buhari Abdulfatai, in an interview published on Tribune, says he's against plea bargaining.

"I am never one of advocate of plea bargain. I believe in the law of deterrent. Let people face the consequence of their act. Chinese law says ‘don’t steal money and if you steal execution is the price.’ The chairman of the electricity company was involved in $20,000 deal which is less than N5 Million naira. He was executed," he said.

"Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, most of these countries say ‘don’t bring drugs into our country, if you bring drugs, penalty is execution’. You that is going with it already know the consequence of what you are going for. I don’t believe in plea bargaining.

"When you steal N20 million and they say you should take N10 million and bring N10 million. It is silly. People will continue to steal money. Collect the whole money and send them to jail. Let us create a special court or give EFCC power to be able to prosecute in that special court. The only thing the court does is corruption cases. We can even call it anti-corruption court. It would expedite action on corruption. By the time we do that people will sit up.


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