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Nigeria's Christian body, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN has said that the body does hate President Muhammadu Buhari as a person but “hate what he is doing.” The Vice-President of PFN, South-South, Bishop Simeon Okah, said this on Sunday during a prayer session for the President at the closing ceremony of the 2017 International Men Convention of the Flock of Christ Mission in Delta State, noted that unemployment had skyrocketed under the current administration.

The clergy man, however, explained that the body’s criticisms against Buhari was to make him succeed in his endeavour.

Okah stressed that Christian leaders would not be silent whenever the Buhari-led government was going in the wrong direction.

He said, “Corruption didn’t start today. Prosecution has not stopped people from stealing. I am proposing to the FG to call those who have stolen our commonwealth to return such money and have a little percentage to live with and their names published and barred from running for any political position or being appointed.

“We don’t hate Buhari. We only hate what he is doing. Our criticism is out of patriotism for a better Nigeria and from the fact that we want him to succeed and we are praying he succeeds. People are misconstruing our criticisms for hatred but that is far from the truth.

Like today, unemployment is rising to the roof. The little influence I have in the Church I am going to use it to make sure that in any state, particularly here in South-South, anybody who did not serve his people well, we will do our best to make things difficult for them.

“If INEC doesn’t do its work very well, we will make problem with them and leave the rest for God.”


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