5 Most Customer Friendly Airlines In Nigeria


We have carefully researched the most customer friendly airlines in Nigeria for your information. Find below their details arranged in no particular order.

Chanchangi Airline
Imagine you fly Chanchangi, and this customer friendly airline drivers you home safely. Chanchagi provides Airport Shuttle between destination airports and customer's home or hotel. This is just one of the unique ways it take care of passengers' movement when they land. Chanchangi offers special flight services to corporate organizations and individuals at reasonable fares. Its top range of Airjets are available for charter. When they fly you, they put your business first, and then take your comfort extremely personal.


Chanchangi Airline.

Arik Air
Arik Air is also a customer friendly airline. Its air tickets are available for any kind of travel of your choice. Either business class, first class, or economy class, there are always options available to choose from. Arik Air staff take care of customers comfort with a polite attitude, also ensuring customers enjoy maximum luxury services like exclusive meals, and on-demand refreshments and entertainments. USB connectors, internet, and chargers are available with seats so you never stop being productive, and all these are on offer at very low Arik Air fare rates.


Arik Air.

Med-View Airline
Med-View Airline expanded their operations to include flights from Port Harcourt to Abuja, and flights from Lagos to Enugu. As a part of its customer friendly services, when you book a Med-View Airline flight with Nigeria.to, then email a review of your flight to [email protected], Med-View Airline will send you a flight discount voucher in exchange for your article. Besides, customers can also get to enjoy the services of polite staff attending to their special and personal needs.


Dana Air
Dan Air was recently awarded the 'Domestic Airline Operator Of The Year 2013', Transport And Logistics Nigeria Limited- organizers of the Transport Stakeholders' Excellence Awards. According to a release, Dana Airline came out on top after a rigorous screening exercise by a public opinion survey. It is said to be among the most customer friendly airlines in Nigeria; its moderate fares, excellent services, improved safety measures, and polite staff all sum up to give it this important attribute.


Dana Air.

Overland Airways
This customer friendly airline's flight reservation center is a unique innovation designed to enable customers make reservations or ensuring an Overland Airways flight schedule from any part of the country with efficient and courteous call center staff. Its air tickets can be purchased at its travel shop in Ikeja Lagos, or check-in centers in Abuja, Ibadan, Ilorin, and Lagos all at the convenience of customers.


Overland Airways.

These mentioned airlines are regarded as the most customer friendly based on a recent research, and the conclusion was drawn based on statistics for on-time arrivals, comfort, affordable fares, and appropriate staff attitude.