Metro Boko Haram: US Arms Dealer Sued Over Failed Nigerian Arms Deal



An arms dealer in the US Ara Dolarian, has been dragged to court by a Nigerien, Hima Aboubakar, over a $246m contract.

The order was was for the supply of weapons and equipment, including helicopters, bombs and ammunition to fight Boko Haram terrorists in 2014.

AFP said the deal collapsed in 2015 and the arms never arrived, forcing Aboubakar to sue Dolarian for fraud in a Californian court.

Aboubakar said Ara failed to ship $8.6m worth of bombs and rockets to Nigeria as ordered, damaging his reputation as “a trusted arms supplier to the Nigerian military”.

Dolarian, however, alleged in court documents that he was unwittingly caught up in a “money laundering scheme” and that Aboubakar’s arms money was “stolen from the Nigerian government”.

Last year, a committee set up by Buhari indicated that SEI played a “major” role in the alleged scam after being awarded nearly $1bn worth of contracts “characterised by irregularity and fraud”.

Aboubakar, however, told AFP, “We continue to work with the Nigerian Army. Forget about what the people say; they lie.”


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