Politics Buhari's Health: 7 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Pray For His Speedy Recovery



Nigeria's Muhamamdu Buhari's health has been the major political talk of the town with various speculations on the health status of the president with an indefinite extension on vacation period in the United Kingdom.

Nigeria's health care system is neither caring nor daring despite huge sum allocated to the sector. The state of the any President's health should be an utmost interest of every citizens and leaders.

Let's forget diverse and social media bombs, the No. 1 man's health is proportional direct to the nation's health and should be our major concern and needs our timely and unflinching support even if it takes 30-day fasting and prayers.

Here are seven reasons why every Nigeria should pray for speedy recovery of President Muhammadu Buhari as compiled by Nigerian Bulletin:

1. Anti Corruption War: Buhari's anti-corruption war is an anti-graft war declared by Muhammadu Buhari, the 4th democratic President of Nigeria. This is a war against all forms of corruption in Nigeria and has so far opened many wounds of corruption in the country though no major conviction yet. The anti-graft war was endorsed by the President of the United States. The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry at the World Economic Forum held at Davos in Switzerland, 2017 extolled Buhari's anti-graft war. In October 2015, the United Kingdom pledge her support for Buhari's anti-corruption war.

2. Quick and Urgent Policy implementations: The country needs a prompt and unshakable policy from the central government and the President's health may cause back and forth on policy implementation.

3. One of Us - Our President - No doubt - Muhammadu Buhari is Nigeria's President and the Nation's leader at the moment. The only thing Nigerians can offer at this time is to pray and wish him well. Even if he is to be one of our close neighbour, we would not like to see the president in a bad mood or devastating ailment.

Obasanjo while criticizing those calling for the President's health said instead of bothering Mr. Buhari with such “worrisome” declarations of his own death, what the president needed “are our prayers and best wishes, which will ginger his morale to come back stronger and better.”


4. Security Threats and Boko Haram: The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has tenically and tactically decimate the Boko haram insurgents in the North-east and Nigerians, most especially Northerners would not want a blow on the on-going clampdown on the terrorists oganization.

5. To Forestall Much Intense Problem in the North – Already there are party crisis in the Northern part of the crisis. Prominent among them was the APC kano crisis between Ganduje and Kwankwaso.

6. We Have Gone Through This Before: The death of former President Umaru Yaradua is a lesson for us. The former president lost several months to ailment before he finally gave up the ghost. We have gone through this before, and it was not the best that could happen to a nation. It rubs off of our international significance in comity of nations.

7. If Not, Mega Party Will Have More Stronghold – The much-awaited Mega party has been formed and recognized by Nigeria's electoral commission. If the party notices any loopholes in the ruling party with the number one on a sick bed, it will create an avenue for the new party to stand ahead of 2019 elections.
No doubt some of us are ever praying for Buhari and others. But if we know exactly - what is doing him, then our prayer point will be better direct and effectual.
What is doing him?
No doubt some of us are ever praying for Buhari and others. But if we know exactly - what is doing him, then our prayer point will be better direct and effectual.
What is doing him?

Nothing is wrong. Just normal routine to check health status but might need our prayers to stay strong. :)