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HE Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, only days ago told the world, including the insurgents that have made life impossible for his Commander-in-Chief, Goodluck Jonathan, that the military now knows where the school girls abducted from Chibok about 50 days ago are being held.

And I say in response to that, that President Jonathan now knows the informants of Abubakar Shekau and his infernal armies. At least he can no longer claim to be totally in the dark about the real identity of these individuals or groups without looking foolishly casual about the safety of Nigerians. It is indeed up to him if he chooses to pass up the opportunity to act for once as far as this issue of insurgency is concerned in the manner appropriate for a responsible Commander-in-Chief.

In closing my piece here last week, I had asked what President Jonathan was doing about the enemies in his own government and others who through overt and covert activities have been working to ensure the insurgent beasts in the Northern part of this country keep at least one step ahead of the security agents and the military on their trail.

It didn’t look like the security agencies, much less the President, were doing anything about them. But any right thinking person could see from the increased activities of the insurgents; tell from the precision of their attacks for which the government has no meaningful answer that the killer groups have many people working for them. Who these people are is the simple mystery the Jonathan government is yet to solve. In light of Badeh’s astounding remark my exact words from last week deserve to be quoted at some length:

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