Politics Kogi Gov Tussle: Faleke Reacts to Bello's Victory at Supreme Court



James Faleke, the deputy governorship candidate in the last Kogi election, has stated that he has no regrets concerning the affirmation of Yahaya Bello as the lawful governor of Kogi state by the Supreme court.

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In a statement by his spokesperson, Duro Meseko, Faleke said, “it would amount to a betrayal of the sacred trust of the people who reposed implicit confidence in the Audu/Faleke ticket not to have defended the sanctity of their vote up to the Apex court level.

“We have heard the judgement handed down by the Supreme Court jurists upholding Yahaya Bello as governor. We shall wait for the full text of the judgement to know why they came to that conclusion. But let it be stated here that we have no regrets challenging the declaration of our election as inconclusive by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).”

“What we did was to defend the votes cast for Audu/Faleke by the over 240,000 electorates on November 21, 2015. The people voted for us as candidates not APC because they believed in the kind of leadership we offered to provide for them during our campaigns.”

“It would therefore amount to crass betrayal of the trust of these electorates not to have defended their votes till the end”.


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