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Maurice Iwu, the controversial former chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has capitalized on the outbreak of deadly and incurable Ebola in West Africa to restate his scientifically unproven and dubious claim that he had found a cure for the virus in a drug synthesized from kola nut.

More than 600 people have died in several West African countries in what is seen as the most serious outbreak of the Ebola virus. The former INEC chair, a pharmacist by training and a former professor at the University of Nigeria, appears determined to exploit the growing alarm over the virus to renew unfounded claims that he had achieved a breakthrough in the treatment of Ebola. But Mr. Iwu has a long history of fraudulent claims.

In 2007, SaharaReporters had written a series of investigative reports exposing gaps in Mr. Iwu's academic and professional background. Our extensive investigative reports ran weeks before the then INEC chief oversaw the 2007 general elections that local and foreign observers described as one of the most fraudulent elections in any part of the world. Among other revelations, our investigative team discovered that Mr. Iwu had forged his bachelor’s degree from Cameroon and fraudulently used the certificate to obtain admission to Bradford University in the UK where he undertook graduate studies.

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