Metro "My Lord, I Have Two Husbands, I Want To Divorce One?" - Woman Begs Ibadan Court



A middle aged woman married to two husbands in Ibadan has gotten the leave of a Customary Court to divorce one of the husbands .

The woman , Modinat Mufutau, on Tuesday told an Idi -Ogungun Customary Court , Agodi in Ibadan how she alternated two husbands in order to satisfy herself and get enough money to take care of her three children .

Modinat had begged the court to dissolve her 12 years relationship to one of her husbands , Ajadi Mufutau , for alleged lack of care and maltreatment .

She told the court that she met Mufutau in 2005 , and he impregnated her without marriage formalities.

The petitioner said that at the beginning of the relationship Mufutau pretended to be a nice and responsible man.

“But when he impregnated me , he began maltreating and beating me whenever I demanded money for antenatal care.

"I left his house after delivery and hooked up with another man , Saheed , who impregnated me two years later but turned me into a punching bag after delivery of my second child for him .

“Later, I settled down with Mufutau , got pregnant for him again , but Saheed , who I have the second child for begged me to continue with him.


“I decided to date two of them without any problem until they met each other in my rented apartment and fought.

“My Lord , I have made up my mind to divorce Mufutau because he had stopped giving me money for the maintenance of the two kids I had for him since he fought his rival , Saheed , in my apartment, ” Modinat said .

Mufutau did not contest the petition for dissolution.

He said , “Modinat is a shameless woman. I was not aware that she still dates Saheed until I met him in the apartment I rented for her and she did not see anything bad in her action.

“I just pray the court to allow the first child be in my custody so that I can properly take care of the child and I promise to support her for the care of my second child , ” Mufutau said .

President of the court , Chief Mukaila Balogun, and the court’ s assessors , Aare Samotu and Ganiyu Alao, agreed and dissolved the union .