Nano Silver is NOT a Cure for Ebola, Manufacturer Reveals


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The manufacturers of Nano Silver, Minerals for Life Ltd., have on Thursday put the rumors to rest: the Nano Silver mineral solution is not a cure for Ebola and was never intended as such.

The statement, culled from the PUNCH newspaper, read as follows:
“Our brand of Nanosilver is classified as a dietary supplement.

“Minerals for Life cater for numerous customers who utilise our Nanosilver solution as an immune booster in a number of health situations.

“Concerned clientele have in recent days drawn our attention to a claim that Nanosilver solution which is marketed for human consumption and ingestion is a pesticide.

“It is, therefore, pertinent to address this information in the public domain. Nanosilver is approved by the USA Department of Agriculture and Food, with a pesticide registration.

“Nanosilver is also approved by the same USA Department of Agriculture and Food with Food Establishment approval.

“Amongst other approvals, Nanosilver is approved for purchase by the USA Government Veterans Hospital Association both as a disinfectant and supplement.”

“Minerals for Life Ltd., did not claim Nanosilver as a cure for Ebola.

“We seize this opportunity to congratulate the Federal Ministry of Health and the Lagos State Ministry of Health for their proactive approach in fighting the Ebola disease.

“As it has resulted in the recovery of some patients treated with antibiotics and a cocktail of immune boosters.

“Minerals for Life looks forward to the total containment of the Ebola disease and a healthy population of Nigerians

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Source: #PUNCH


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