Metro Nigeria Listed Among Top 10 Countries With Highest Number of Modern Slaves



Nigeria has been listed on the third Global Slavery Index, as released on Tuesday by an Australia-based human rights group, the Walk Free Foundation.

The Foundation's estimate about people in modern slavery was also increased to 45.8 million from 35.8 million in 2014.

The Global Slavery Index tracks the number of people living as slaves, forced to work in factories, mines and farms, sold for sex, trapped in debt bondage or born into servitude in the modern world.

1. India has the highest number of people living in some form of modern slavery, estimated at 18.3 million
2. China came second with an estimated 3.4 million slaves
3. Pakistan is third with an estimated 2.1 million slaves
4. Bangladesh
5. Uzbekistan
6. North Korea
7. Russia
8. Nigeria
9. Democratic Republic of the Congo
10. Indonesia


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