Metro The Funeral of the Chibok Girls - Ayo Alaba Idowu


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The entire event was done at the most serene area of Borno, what should be only a few kilometers away from Sambisa. It was such a classified event that was meant to be top secret, but I have learnt overtime from my teacher-mum that whatever isn't within you alone is no longer secret. I was at the Funeral, and I am here to give you an account of it.

Let no man bother for now how a young entrepreneur in the city of Lagos managed to be part of the supposedly classified event; Deo Volente, I will share it at the end of my account. "We all gather here in memory of our dearest girls that lost their lives in the hands of their deadly abductors..." Looking around me, it was shocking to realize that this was being said by about the most celebrated personality in the Christian association. It was even more shocking to find most celebrated government officials there present. What about all the supposedly emotional dispositions? What about all the video that went viral? What about all the guided and misguided statements? What about the $1 billion dollar loan? My heart broke completely apart! There I saw the true face of my country Nigeria.

It was what could be described as a glamorous, black and red day. Everyone was looking bright and beautiful in some black garments only with tints of red -are these not the same colors chosen for the BBOG initiative? What a mockery of their own people. Their women were all laced up with gold bracelets and necklaces, expensive shoes and handbags, and of course overly expensive human hair. Their men were looking brightly simple with expensive shoes and wrist watches. I'm sure you have an idea what these top Government officials would look like. Yes, they were looking just the same way you are imagining. They then ironically created a deliberate funeral mood. I wished I never found my way to the event.

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