Politics The N19bn Reason Nigerian Govs Orchestrated Magu's Rejection by the Senate- The Nation



According to a report from the Nation, Ibrahim Magu was rejected by the Nigerian senate because he insisted on probing them of a N19bn fraud.

The report said the governors were angry with Magu over the ongoing probe of the alleged diversion of N19 billion from the London-Paris Club loan refund.

Seven governors have been implicated in the scandal.

A source reportedly said: “All attempts to prevail on Magu to halt the investigation failed and the governors have no choice than to engage in lobbying to truncate the confirmation.

“Although a governor from the Northeast did his best to persuade his colleagues to spare Magu, some of the governors vowed not to take the risk.

“At a point, the governors sent emissaries to the Acting EFCC chairman, including some government officials, but he did not shift ground.

“The position of the governors was that the Presidency was in the picture of the deductions from the loan refunds but the EFCC’s probe was seen as an embarrassment to them.

“Before Magu goes after them, they decided to cut him to size. These governors found willing partners in some National Assembly leaders who were implicated in the loan refund.”

In addition to this, some senators who are on trial were supported by their allies in the Red Chamber to reject Magu.


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