Top 10 Attraction Sites You Should Visit In Lagos



People living in Nigeria think there is something they are missing if they have not visited Lagos, and tourists coming into Nigeria think they must see Lagos before going back; and then, most visitors to Nigeria come through Lagos anyway. Whether you are resident in Nigeria or coming in as a tourist, the following are some of the attractions you must see in Lagos anytime you visit;

i. Third Mainland Bridge

The Third Mainland Bridge is the longest bridge in Africa and the longest of three bridges in Lagos, Nigeria. There is the Eko Bridge, the Carter Bridge, and then the Third Mainland Bridge, connecting Lagos Island to the mainland. It starts at Owonronshoki and ends at the Adeniji Adele Interchange on Lagos Island. Measuring about 11.8 km long, the Third Mainland Bridge was built by Julius Berger Nigeria and opened in 1990 by President Ibrahim Babangida.

ii. Badagry

Badagry houses the first storey building or upstairs building in Nigeria – built by missionaries in 1842 and overlooking the Marina waterfront. Badagry is located off the Gulf of Guinea and used as a harbour to keep African slaves transported to Brazil in the 15th century. It was annexed by the British in 1863 and became a part of Nigeria in 1901, it remains the vestige of slavery in Africa and has a museum that tells the slavery story.

iii. National Museum

The National Museum stocks the most significant collections of West African antiquities in the world. It is over 50 years old, having been established in 1957, just some years before Nigeria’s independence in 1960.

iv. National Arts Theatre

Built and then commissioned in 1977, the National Arts Theatre in Iganmu, Lagos is a cultural center with halls and rooms constructed for various cultural events and activities in Lagos state. It is also ideal for public holiday visits and great for weekend relaxations amidst stimulating events.

v. Silverbird Cinema and Galleria

The Silverbird Cinema and Galleria is located at Ahmadu Bello Way in Victoria Island, Lagos, and a modern facility for a shopping experience that you can only find in developed countries of the world. It houses several cinema companies, with the Silverbird cinemas located in the multi-purpose building. There is a spacious facility on the ground floor which can be used for dance competitions, parties, and other amusing events that require a crowd. You can also find bookstores, boutiques, a bowling center, and several other entertainment and lifestyle services at this galleria.

vi. Lekki Conservation Centre

Managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, the Lekki Conservation Centre has a large area of wetlands and wildlife animals like crocodiles, monkeys, exotic birds, and other animals that you can see when you visit early in the morning or late in the evening. There is also a library and a conservation centre.

vii. Oniru Private Beach

Located in Lekki, the Oniru Beach is great for public holiday visits and weekend leisure. You can swim in the Atlantic Ocean and ride horses on the white sand beach. You may want to visit one of these days.

viii. Eleko Beach

Although you cannot compare the Eleko Beach in Victoria Island to the beaches and islands in Phuket, Bali, or Tioman, the truth remains that this is one of the best beaches to visit in Lagos on a weekend with family and friends for some natural relaxations.

ix. The African Shrine

Once owned by the late afro music maestro Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the African Shrine is one place you must visit if you cherish weekly live performances by one of Fela’s most energetic sons, Femi Kuti. Femi performs every Sunday night with his array of backup female singers, and you can also watch him rehearse every Thursday if he is available and not away on international tours. Visit the African Shrine to enjoy the legendary beats of the late Fela brought to live again.

x. Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

The Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens is located between the Hajj Camp and Ajao Estate along the Muritala Mohammed International Airport Road, Lagos. Visit this place for a tranquil garden experience in a park you wouldn’t believe existed in Lagos.
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