Politics "We're Now Born Again": Former political thugs in Bauchi preach against election violence



Some former political thugs in Bauchi state have called on politicians in the state to desist from using thugs in their campaign for positions in the forthcoming general elections.

Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Bauchi, they said that having being used as thugs in the past, they knew the dangers of violence in politics, especially considering the security situation in the country.

One of them, Malam Isa Dan-Maliki, said that he used to be hired by politicians during electioneering campaign trips in the past, to harass opponents and snatch ballot boxes, but had now reformed.

“There is no politician in the state that does not engage the services of thugs. Thugs were being given money, drugs and even weapons, to manipulate and influence the outcome of election results.

“As a reformed political thug, I am advising politicians in Bauchi state, to stop using thugs to harass and intimidate opponents for their selfish interests”, he advised.

Another reformed thug, Danliti Baure, said the use of thugs was the major threat to the growth of democracy in the country.

He said the support given to the thugs by most politicians in the state, as well as the country, was not in the best interest of the state and the country at large.

He lamented that only children of the down trodden were being used as thugs by politicians during elections.

He vowed never to allow himself to be used again by selfish politicians, urging youths to be wary of such politicians.

“I will never allow myself to be used by selfish politicians again. It is high time we allow for free and fair election, where every politician will be given a level playing ground to carry out his campaign,” he added.

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