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Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujid Asari-Dokubo is known for his fearlessness and knack for saying his mind on any issue. In this chat which coincided with his 50th birthday anniversary, he opened up on a number of controversial issues and incidents. He vowed to continue to fight on the side of justice and fair play.

Would you say at 50 you have achieved your set goal?

Ah! My life at 50. My experience? How am I going to put it? Well, I got into the university at the age of 21 in 1985; the University of Calabar. And from that age of 21, death became my constant companion at every turn. During the anti SAP riots after the demonstration in Jos, students in the University of Calabar also demonstrated. We were demonstrating outside the main campus when the police started shooting. And there was a female student, Nnenna, behind me. She was shot. She fell. I started wondering. I was taller than her. How come she got shot standing behind me? How did the bullet pass me to hit her? I carried her with all the blood and everything. Though it was not fatal. From that day, I decided inside me that the Nigerian state must be made to explain to the people, to my people especially what they are doing with the resources of the people. As a Law student, many laws, “quid quid planteture sele sele sedit-he who owns the land owns everything in the land. And I asked myself, how come the resources of my people now belong to everybody? A lot of questions and it was a turning point in my life. I became radicalised. In 1988, when I was rusticated from the University of Calabar, I decided to go to Libya. So, I left home. I converted to Islam, took the kalimah on the 17th of September. On the 21st of September, I took the bath and became a Muslim at the Calabar central mosque which at that time was managed by some Yoruba people. I took the kalimah at Bokobiri mosque. And from that time, I became radicalised after I became a Muslim. One goal I set for myself was the liberation of my people.

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