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    Business Naira Crashes 7.93% to 329 Per Dollar at Interbank Market

    The Nigerian Naira on Friday crashed by 7.93% against the United States Dollar at inter bank markets, highest record since the Central bank of Nigeria removed peg on the nation's currency in June 20, 2016. The currency depreciated to all time low to 329 per United State dollar at the official...
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    Business Naira Advances 1.4% to 315 Per US Dollar

    Nigerian Naira on Tuesday advanced 1.4% to 315.75 to a dollar at the inter-bank market at mid hour trading in Lagos, the commercial nerve centre of the nation. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Naira 3-month non deliverable forwards fall 0.1% to 349 to United States dollar...
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    Business Naira Weakens 8.9% to 342 Per Dollar At Inter-Bank Market

    The Nigerian naira weakened 8.9% to 342.05 per US dollar, forty -six official days after the Central bank of Nigeria introduced the flexible exchange rate policy, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Naira was on Wednesday quoted at 402 naira per dollar on the...
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    Business Naira Gains 5.2% to 308 As CBN Intervenes

    The Naira rose 5.2 percent to 308 against the US dollar on Friday after the Central Bank of Nigeria intervene to support the embattled currency at the interbank market. The naira weakened to 326.25 on Monday, 324.20 on Tuesday against the US Dollar, according to data mined from the Bloomberg...
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    Business Naira Falls 0.5% to 286/USDollar Despite CBN’s $100m Intervention

    Naira fell for a third day of trading without a peg, even after the nation’s central bank said it was confident it had cleared a backlog of foreign-currency demand. The naira fell 0.5 percent to 286 per dollar by 8:40 a.m. in Lagos, the commercial capital, after weakening 0.7 percent Tuesday...
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    Business Naira Slides Further at Interbank Market, Closes at N280/$

    The Nigerian naira at the end of trading at the interbank market on Monday fell further to exchange at N280 per dollar, a 29 percent slide. The currency had hovered around the 260 level as the Central Bank of Nigeria was said to sell dollars to help clear pent-up demand for foreign currency...
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    Business Naira Weakens to N253/Dollar at the Interbank Market

    Nigeria’s naira weakened 22 percent to 253.50 per dollar after the central bank allowed the currency of Africa’s biggest economy to float freely on Monday. Demand for foreign currency has built up to about $3 billion since capital controls were imposed 15 months ago to defend the currency’s peg...
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    Business Nigerian Naira Crashes By 43.2% At Interbank Market

    The Nigerian naira at interbank market has crashed to N285 to the dollar ahead of the release of modalities for the implementation of the adopted flexible exchange rate policy as announced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). This was sequel to increased perception that CBN has withdrawn from...