Entertainment 6 Things You Didn't Know About Nollywood Lesbians

Given the conservative culture of the Nigerian society, the issue of gay partners and the 'things' they do is one that is often approached with caution. This, perhaps explains why while no Nigerian Nollywood actress has openly admitted to being a lesbian, their counterparts in the US, U.K and some parts of Europe have been confident enough to admit their sexual preferences.

The irony of the Nigerian situation is that while the society is eager to know details about the sex life of the Nigerian actresses especially the lesbians, only a few (outside the community of homosexuals) are bold enough to ask probing questions capable of yielding answers.

This piece will not dwell on rumoured lesbian actresses, how vehemently they denied the allegations, how Nollywood actress, Bose Arowosegbe shared details of the day she caught two of her friends in the heat of passion, the Nigerian anti-gay law (known as the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which criminalizes same-sex marriage and provides for up to 14 years in jail) or how discreet celebrity lesbians have been. Rather, we have chosen to zero into questions and facts about the sex life of these class of lesbians that many would rather not openly ask about.

In a video chat with the Chief Sexy Officer of Juicy Pink Box, Jincey Lumpkin, HuffingtonPost engaged her on some grey areas in the lives of lesbian partners and she made it clear that not all lesbians are as comfortable as she is when discussing such details. Sure enough, Nollywood lesbians are no exceptions.

What do lesbian partners do?
We do everything. we do everything that you guys (heterosexuals) do. We use our fingers a lot and of course there's oral sex, For the most part, some people tend to think that it's only oral sex that we do.

Is one of you the man?
I get this all the time, especially from taxi cab drivers. They seem to be really confused about that one when I say that I'm married to a woman. It's a lack of understanding about the gay community.

If you like women, why would you have sex with a girl who looks like a boy? Why not just date a man?
I can't tell you how many times I've had that question asked; mostly from straight guys though some women do ask that. I think the straight guys are really confused because I am a very feminine lesbian so there's this misconception that I should be bedding them.
... Men are men. As a lesbian, I'm attracted to the parts and mind of a woman. Men don't have boobs (well, they do, but they are not developed). I have a very hard time connecting on an emotional level with men. I can have friends that are dudes, but falling in love was tough, because I just don't relate to men in the same way. We don't 'click.'

When you get questions like these, do you want to answer them or do you get offended that you're being asked again and again?
I personally always want to answer them because I feel that it is really important to have these discussions. There are plenty of people who get offended by being asked these kinds of questions but I always see this as an opportunity for community education

If you kiss a girl, does that make you a lesbian?
Not necessarily. Our culture places way too much importance on labels. Maybe you are gay, maybe you aren't. I hope we get to the point in history where it no longer matters. Something like 80% of straight women have lesbian fantasies

Does the movie 'Blue is the Warmest Color' really describe how they have sex?
I've been getting this question a lot lately. The answer is yes and no. Lots of lesbians are pissed off about the portrayal of lesbian sex. Some say that the sex is too 'porn-ish' and an example of the 'male fantasy of lesbian sex.' I thought the movie was hot. For me, it was an accurate representation. I like rough sex. I like anal. I can go on and on for a long time. I didn't understand all the hoopla about it being fake. Apparently a lot of women are having different sex than I do.

Do you feel the Nigerian government should have a rethink on laws bothering on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)?

Source: HuffingtonPost

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