Anambra, Kaduna And Kano States Join Open Government Partnership



Anambra, Kaduna and Kano states of Nigeria have officially joined OGP the Open Government Partnership (OGP). It is targeted on implementing transparency reforms in the country.


As it became known to NAIJ Nigeria, the governors of Anambra, Kaduna, and Kano states officially signed the letter. The authorities specified their readiness to apply open government reforms.

The Coordinator of OGP in Nigeria was delighted that new states had joined the initiative. She noted that the National Action Plan is the technical paper that describes the scope of Nigeria’s commitment areas. The coordinator told that it was the most stress-free way to let the reform efforts of this administration trickle down systematically to the popular level.

Within the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan, 14 various different commitments were also created with civil society along with 4 thematic areas. These are anti-corruption, fiscal transparency, citizen engagement, and access to information.

Anambra, Kaduna, and Kano will be the first three out of the 36 Nigerian states to officially sign unto the Open Government Partnership. The OGP principles state that professional organizations and equal numbers of civil society will be requested to analyze these commitments and work to create a State Action Plan as quickly as possible.

David Ugolor, the Executive Director of African Network for Environment and Economic Justice and foremost anti-corruption activist, applauded the states which have just teamed up with OGP. “Anambra, Kaduna, and Kano states have become closer to the people. It is highly important to involve at a level where governments can collaborate with people directly. It is especially true for service delivery. So, if a state starts participating in anti-corruption reforms, there will be a better potential for the best results across Nigeria,” admitted David Ugolor.