Sports Best Season Of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in "Inter"


Zlatan Ibrahimović is one of the best forwards of his generation. He spent his "golden" years in Serie A, where he won many titles. By the way, football games today with the participation of Italian clubs are always covered in detail on the site of sports statistics.
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In "Inter" Ibrahimović spent three seasons from 2006 to 2009. The most successful for him was the last campaign. During it, Zlatan scored 25 times. Thanks to this, he became the top scorer in Serie A. In addition, the player helped his club to win the Italian championship once again.

That season Ibrahimović finally established himself as the leader of Milan club. He played a lot of brilliant matches, where he regularly hit the opponents' goals. Both top clubs and mid-table teams suffered from his actions.

Against the background of successful performances during the summer of 2009 Ibrahimović left the club, moving to "Barcelona". He has regretted it many times. In the 2009/10 campaign, it was Inter who won the Champions League, and he beat Barcelona at the semi-final stage. Later, Zlatan returned to Italy, but only in the camp of the principal rival of the "Nerrazzurri" - "AC Milan". With this club, the player also won the sniper race in Serie A.​

What helped Ibrahimović have his best season in Inter?​

If before the 2008/09 campaign, Ibrahimović was an important player for Inter, but he was not considered his main star, then that season has changed a lot. The Swede fully felt the confidence of partners. He gained inner confidence which had a positive impact on his scoring skill. By the way, if you are interested in football games with the club today, open the sports statistics website. There are detailed information about each game.

Among the factors that helped Ibrahimović to surpass the competition and become the best shooter in Serie A, it should be noted:​
  1. Confidence from the head coach. José Mourinho immediately began to build his attacking game with Ibrahimović. He relied on the Swede's individual prowess. He did not let him down and produced a lot of impressive performances in the 2008/09 season.
  2. Chemistry with teammates. In his third season in "Inter" the player got full confidence and started to interact well with Zanetti,Cambiasso and many other top performers in the team.​
  3. Technique of the player. Thanks to it, he easily bypassed almost any opponent.​
Later, Ibrahimović had a lot of great seasons, including outside Italy. This proves once again that he is a great player, who can sometimes solve the outcome of any confrontation and help his team win the coveted title. That is why many fans love him so much.