Sports Churches and Schools hold special praying and fasting for Super Eagles to win the World Cup

Some churches and schools have embarked on a special fasting and prayer sessions for Nigeria's Super Eagles to excel at the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament.

A Christian body has been formed in order to organise activities related with the aim of backing the Super Eagles in prayers for the World Cup tournament.

Coordinator of the programme, Rev. Udo Nwoke, revealed that the theme of the prayer session is: ``Nigeria win World Cup International Intercessory Praying Network''.

``As I am talking to you, we have been able to mobilise churches and some other prayer groups and schools to fast and pray over this.

``By revelation, we have over 10,000 churches from all denominations and few schools praying and fasting along this line nationwide.

``With this prayer session, we are clinching the World Cup in Brazil for the first time in the history of Africa and Nigeria come July 13. That’s our belief and prophetic utterances,’’ Nwoke told the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN)

He went down memory lane to remember how they helped to pray for Nigeria to win the Atlanta 1996 gold medal in the football event.

``We prayed for the Nigeria Olympic football team that won gold at Atlanta ’96 Olympics.

``It was when Jim Nwobodo was the Minister of Sports. We had a parley with him and I told him that come the final day of the Olympics, that we are coming out as number one.

``That was a history breaking record in the whole of Africa.

``It was not just the gold we were targeting; we were also targeting leading such a prayer for the nation over what we were going through then,’’ he added.

He also noted that societies such as the ``Gowon Group’’ and ``Nigeria Prays’’ have also joined in the prayer session.