Metro Foreign Source Instructed Nigeria Air Force to Bomb Borno IDP Camp - The Nation



The Nigeria Air Force blew up the IDP camp at Rann, Borno based on intelligence gathered from a foreign source, people familiar with the matter have disclosed, according to a report from The Nation.

“What happened was that a foreign nation, which had been assisting in the counter-insurgency, provided an intelligence alert on the regrouping of some insurgents in Rann," a source reportedly said.

“The foreign country based its alert on what its surveillance radar picked. The alert indicated that the insurgents must be smoked out as early as possible. It was on this basis that the Air Force deployed its jet.

“The error occurred because the IDPs camp was not among the list of camps made available to the Air Force. There is a strong suspicion that the camp was recently set up by emergency bodies and Borno State without updating the list given to the military.”

The source then called for the need for cohesion between the military, Borno state government and aid agencies in the state.


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