Metro Ile-Ife Crisis: IG Idris Explains Arrest of Yoruba Suspects Only



The Inspector General of the Nigerian Police, Ibrahim Idris, has reacted to the outrage over arrests of mainly Yoruba suspects in the recent bloodbath with Hausas at Ile-Ife.

There had been widespread outrage over the incident, with OPC and Afenifere spitting fire.

However, Ibrahim Idris, speaking with newsmen on Friday, said crime has no ethnic background.

“You know we are police officers. Crime has no tribe. If you are a criminal, you are a criminal.

“Crime has no face. We don’t look at crime in the identity of where you are coming from.

“As far as you are a criminal and the police find you wanting, we apply the law.”

He added that investigation revealed that the crisis started with a disagreement between two people selling food along the road.

He didn't offer more details. He then proceeded to give updates of the security situation in other parts of the country.


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