Metro Landlady's Children Cut Off Sleeping Tenant's Scrotum



35-year-old Yinka Offehin has lost his scrotum to his landlady's children.

PUNCH reported that Offehin was sleeping in his room with his family members at Popoola Street, off Abaranje Road in the Ikotun area of Lagos when he was attacked.

His wife, Bisi who was present during the incident, identified the culprits as as Solomon and Damilola, the children of the landlady.

Narrating the incident she said, "On Thursday morning, around 3am, while we were sleeping, we heard loud bangs on our door. We initially thought they were armed robbers because the house beside ours had recently been robbed.

"When they entered, we saw they were children of our landlady. They began destroying our electronics and other property. There were two of them. One held a knife in his hand. They took N800, 000. They descended on my husband and he also fought back. In that confusion, my husband shouted and we saw that one of the attackers had cut Yinka’s scrotum. I can’t say what they used to cut off my husband’s scrotum.

Despite his pain, Yinka was able to hold on to one of his attackers till dawn, while the other fled the scene. Lying on a sick bed and speaking of his attack, Yinka said the genesis of his problem was when he had a misunderstanding with his landlady and was asked to vacate his apartment.

"I was asked to leave the house immediately, but after the intervention of the traditional ruler of the community, I was asked to leave by the end of August. But that decision did not go down well with the children of my landlady and they continued to make trouble with me ,I was already planning to leave their house and had even contacted an agent when they attacked me without any provocation. I want the government to fight for me".


Would it still be funny of the headline said armed robbers did it or if they cut off his wife's breast? I fail to see the humour in this. Unless the word scrotum gives you the giggles.
It's sadly funny...i giggled a little though not as hard as @e-sugar