Sports Manchester United Didn’t Buy Me To Score Goals - Pogba


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Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba, has claimed that his role as a midfielder is not to score goals, but to dictate play.

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The 23-year-old rejoined United in a £89.3million deal from Juventus last summer.

Since his return, Pogba has scored only four goals and provided three assists in 20 Premier League appearances.

“I love playing. I feel good everywhere [on the pitch]. With everything that happened, the transfer, changing club, returning to Manchester, people want me to score, make a difference in games, because they say that at that price, a player must score, provide assists,” he told SFR Sport.

“My role as a midfielder is not to score. I can make a difference in games, but I have a lot of work. Defensive work, dictate play. It’s also a question of my abilities. I can also make the difference in winning back possession, in the team’s play. I have to work for the team rather than think about myself.”

Pogba endured a miserable afternoon as United held Liverpool to a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford on Sunday.


He's provided assist too na. Don't be harsh on your younger brother ;D :D

How many assists has he had? Even defenders have better assists than him in the EPL...Even dictate games, he can't. Are those too much to expect from the most expensive footballer on the planet?

Manure fans are not worried though. At least they are in the sixth position and Pogba has his own personalized hashtag :D