Metro MMM Will Return, Gambian President Will Step Down - Evang. Obazee Releases 2017 Prophecies



Evangelist Gift Obazee, President of Wind of Fire Global Outreach(WIFGO), has released a list of 20 prophecies.


He shared the prophecies via his Faceebook page. The prophecies include:

1. Nigeria's will seek the face of God this year like never before.

2. Generals shall be raised in Christendom that will bring about great revivals.

3. Many false pastors, prophets, apostles, bishops amongst others shall be exposed and disgraced publicly this year.

4. There shall be major conflict between the Church and the Nigerian government, but at the end dialogue will set in.

5. A popular Bishop in the east will be caught in unholy practices, tried and jailed.

6. This year Nigerians shall make more use of home made resources as many foreign products will still be banned.

7. Nigeria should pray against frequent road accidents as there's a satanic plan to take many Iives this year, God will intervene.

8. Nigeria to review fuel price this year.

9. Barren women get ready, this year is your year.

10. Buhari has been disappointing Nigerians because they believed in him than God.

11. God has stepped into the affairs of Nigeria, Buhari to achieve most of his campaign promises this year as Nigerians now realise only God can help the government.

12. An African nation sharing her boundary with Nigeria to experience flood that will take lives and property and cause their economy to stand still for days. Pray for our neighbours.

13.Nigeria economy to experience a boost and partial stability this year.

14. The Church needs to return back to the Bible as Balaam has been enthroned in her palaces.

15. Kogi State: There shall be visible transformation in terms of infrastructural development.

16. Edo State: The hunter shall be hunted as the cobra will reject the charming of the charmer.

17. United Kingdom: Pray for the monarch and economic instability resulting in diverse protests.

18. USA: Barack Obama to receive international appointments, but having intentions to decline.

19. Gambian president to step down unexpectedly.

20. MMM-Nigeria to return fully, but be wise.